About Us

At Surprenant & Beneski, P.C., we are dedicated to working together to benefit each and every client who comes to us for help with their estate planning and related matters. Deeply rooted in the community we serve, we have a full understanding of businesses and services in our area and are, therefore, well able to match our clients with services that are locally available. 

Our lead partners, Daniel Surprenant and Michelle Beneski, are certified as elder law attorneys by the National Elder Law Foundation. In fact, they are two out of only 30 CELA attorneys practicing in Massachusetts. Our team of attorneys and support staff has a well-earned reputation for working collaboratively to provide our clients with counsel tailored to their individual needs. Whether you are the head of a large family, the owner of a business, a divorced or single person, just starting your career, at your prime, considering retirement or already enjoying it, Surprenant & Beneski is available to give you meaningful, practical advice about how to proceed and how best to protect your future and those you love. 

Strategic Planning for Your Peace of Mind

Clients throughout Southeastern Massachusetts value our advice and commitment to integrity and attention to detail. Estate planning may seem overwhelming and daunting, but it’s really a matter of getting your affairs in order. Of course, no two estate plans are alike. Some individuals may only require a will-based plan, while others may benefit from establishing complex trusts. Regardless of what your needs may be, the best way to plan for your future, protect your interests, and provide for your family is to consult our experienced estate planning attorneys.

Surprenant & Beneski, P.C. is a premier estate planning and elder law practice. We have a comprehensive knowledge of estate planning law to be able to understand the aspects of your particular situation and to deal with them in the most efficient, effective way possible. Once you become our client, you will have peace of mind knowing that your future, your family, and your assets are in good hands.

How Surprenant & Beneski Helps You Plan for Your Future

Although no one can predict the future, we all have to prepare for it. This is where Surprenant & Beneski comes in. We have the extensive legal knowledge, insight, and empathy required of established estate planning attorneys and are well-equipped to assist you with:

We are ready to assist you in protecting your hard-earned assets, providing for your loved ones, planning for the future of your business/career, and dealing with your private concerns regarding any of these matters. We realize how important confidentiality is when dealing with financial and family issues so you can depend on us to have your best interests in mind. 

Attorney Erin Nunez reviewing paperwork

We pride ourselves on providing encouragement and support in addition to excellent legal representation. We know that no one is entirely “typical,” so we will explore the ins and outs of your unique situation in order to provide you with personalized solutions. You may, for example:

  • Have a child with special needs
  • Be dealing with a serious medical condition
  • Want to retire early
  • Desire to ensure business succession
  • Have an heir who is irresponsible with money
  • Be devoted to a special charity, cause or institution
  • Want to make sure the children of your first marriage inherit
  • Leave a particular relative out of your will

Whatever anxieties or concerns you have? You can trust us to give you the very best guidance regarding your options.

We are also motivated to deliver results. It is our mission to provide high-quality legal work and outstanding client service. You will find that we will answer your questions and clarify your options. We also take pleasure in explaining the steps of legal procedures so that you can, as much as you want, be involved in the process. We will always make sure to clarify your options so you can make informed decisions based on actual advantages and risks. We consider educating our clients with a significant aspect of our professional responsibility.  

Contact Us Promptly and Put Your Mind to Rest

It is never too early or too late to plan your estate. We know from experience that, given the unpredictable nature of life, planning for your future and the future of your loved ones is always a good idea. As soon as the subject of estate planning becomes a topic of conversation or a matter of thought, it is time to contact a highly qualified estate planning attorney. Whether you are just married, expecting your first child, recently divorced or enjoying your grandchildren during retirement, you need a comprehensive plan going forward. Contact Surprenant & Beneski so that we can begin working hard to protect you and those you love.