Frequently Asked Questions about Estate Planning in Massachusetts

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How do you charge?

Should I choose an attorney in my area?


Am I already protected because I have my assets in a trust?

I was told by my CPA that I could give away $10,000 (or $14,000) each year to my kids. Is this true? How does it work?

I did not give my home away, but I sold it to my kids for $1. Am I still protected? 

Should I put my house or bank accounts in my kid’s names?

Why do I need a trust? Can’t I just give everything to my kids?

Is it best to leave assets with one person?

Elder Law

What’s a CELA and why does that matter to me? 

Why is it important to use a Certified Elder Law Attorney? 

Estate Planning

What is the difference between Long Term Care Planning and Traditional Estate Planning? 

How can I find out more about estate planning? 

9 Ways Trusts Can Save the Day!

Does a will avoid probate?

What are the biggest threats to my retirement savings? 

Have the Obama taxes of 2010 protected me from estate tax? 

Is the death benefit of my life insurance part of my taxable estate? 

What are the 5 basic estate planning documents? 

When should I start planning? 

Long Term Care Planning

Why is it important to plan ahead for long-term care? 

If I need long term care, what options are there to stay in my home?

When should I start planning for long term care? 

Why do I need to plan ahead for long term care? 


What is the Medicaid Gifting Penalty and how does it work?

How does the Medicaid spend down work for a single person? 

What is the Medicaid gifting penalty and how does it work? 

What should I do once my spouse has qualified for Medicaid? 

Will Medicaid take my home if I need nursing home care? 

Will gifting assets to my children affect my Medicaid? 

My spouse is in a nursing home and I need help paying for care, what would I have to live on if my spouse gets Medicaid? 

Plan Your Future

What is a Move Manager? 

What is a Reverse Mortgage? 

What is an Assisted Living? 

Make your home safe to stay? 

Assistance with Hoarding? 

My spouse has Alzheimer’s and is living at home. What do we need to do now to plan ahead? 

Power of Attorney

What’s a durable power of attorney and why is it so important?