Surprenant & Beneski, PC gives an overview of 3 charitable options that'll help you save on taxes.

Three Charitable Options that Can Save You on Taxes

For many individuals, making charitable donations is a way to give back to their community and support causes that are important to them. However, charitable planning can also play an important role in estate planning. Working with a Massachusetts charitable planning attorney to incorporate a strategic plan for charitable donations into your estate plan can […]

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Surprenant & Beneski, PC discusses how to write a business succession plan.

How Do I Write a Business Succession Plan?

If you own a business, an important part of estate planning is to write a business succession plan. Your business succession plan ensures that the business you worked hard to build is preserved for future generations or is liquidated to maximize profits for your family members. A Massachusetts business succession planning attorney can help you […]

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It Can Be an Unpleasant Surprise but a 401(k) Is Taxable

It turns out as a surprise to some retirees but the withdrawals from a 401(k) are taxable. However, it is important to remember that the contributions are beneficial, because they lower taxable income, according to Market Watch in “How 401(k) savers can avoid a nasty surprise come retirement.” However, there’s always payback where Uncle Sam […]

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Ask Your Parents about Their Financial Plans

The key to learning about the financial plans of your parents, is to ask for advice on your plans and then ask about their plans, according to “Ask your folks about their financial plans.” Start by explaining your own plan, how you’ve decided to set up your estate and then ask what they’ve done for […]

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Surprenant & Beneski, PC discusses five devastating mistakes in special needs estate-planning.

Five Devastating Mistakes in Special Needs Estate-Planning

Estate planning is essential for every family, but especially for families with members who have special needs. When a caretaker passes away, there must be a plan in place that provides for the continued care of a special needs individual. Unfortunately, individuals who fail to consult a Massachusetts special needs planning attorney can make devastating […]

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