Forbes Article: 6 Estate Planning Tips For Blended Families

Written By: Christine Fletcher Remember the Brady Bunch television show that extolled the joys and challenges of blended families? Mike and Carol Brady were the iconic blended family, each bringing 3 children into the marriage and raising them as one big happy family. I wonder what their estate planning looked like. Did Mike leave everything […]

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Man Signing his will

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designating a Beneficiary

When you open up a 401(k) or IRA account, you will be asked to designate the beneficiaries of your account. The beneficiaries you choose will receive the assets in the account upon your death. Many people choose their spouses or children as the beneficiaries of their 401(k) or IRA accounts. Most of us fill out […]

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How Does the CARES Act Impact RMDs in 2020?

Federal law requires individuals to take a required minimum distribution, or RMD, from their qualified retirement plans. The policy goal behind requiring people to take a certain amount of money out of their retirement accounts is so that the IRS can tax income. For example, every time a retiree takes an RMD from an IRA […]

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Elderly woman planning her estate online during pandemic.

3 Tips for Estate Planning During a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been a wakeup call for everyone. Many residents of Southeastern Massachusetts have seen their financial security disrupted. Others have realized that they are not prepared for long-term incapacity should they contract the coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that estate planning isn’t just for older individuals or just the wealthy. Every […]

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