A jar with charitable contributions.

Make Sure Your Charitable Contributions Count

Charitable giving can give you a warm glow. In addition to leaving bequests, often in the form of trusts, to carefully chosen organizations, agencies, and/or educational, religious, or cultural institutions, most people give smaller amounts throughout their lifetimes. When you are working with a well-respected charitable planning attorney, you can be certain the charities you […]

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Estate planning attorney helping a couple navigate their will.

How Family Dysfunction Can Impact Executing a Will?

If your family is dysfunctional, you are by no means alone. Even in the happiest of families, there is likely to be someone dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse, criminal behavior, severe mental illness or behavioral problems. Almost all families contain members who do not get along with, or are estranged from, one another; for […]

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Surprenant & Beneski, PC gives an overview of 3 charitable options that'll help you save on taxes.

Three Charitable Options that Can Save You on Taxes

For many individuals, making charitable donations is a way to give back to their community and support causes that are important to them. However, charitable planning can also play an important role in estate planning. Working with a Massachusetts charitable planning attorney to incorporate a strategic plan for charitable donations into your estate plan can […]

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Surprenant & Beneski, PC discusses how to write a business succession plan.

How Do I Write a Business Succession Plan?

If you own a business, an important part of estate planning is to write a business succession plan. Your business succession plan ensures that the business you worked hard to build is preserved for future generations or is liquidated to maximize profits for your family members. A Massachusetts business succession planning attorney can help you […]

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