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When Calling an Estate Planning Attorney Becomes Urgent

We’re all aware that it is better to begin projects during a period of calm rather than turmoil when decisions can be made thoughtfully and without pressure. Nonetheless, there are times when all of us find ourselves in dire need of a skilled professional; whether it’s a doctor, a plumber, or even an estate planning attorney. If you live in Southeastern Massachusetts or on Cape Cod, you’re fortunate to have the accomplished estate planning practice of Surprenant & Beneski, P.C. readily available.

Below are some of the reasons you may need one of our knowledgeable estate planning lawyers in a hurry:

Your Child Is Having Issues or Is in Trouble

More families than you might think have a child who has a serious medical problem or has been diagnosed with serious learning disabilities or a medical, psychiatric, or behavioral disorder. Some families are dealing with children who are abusing or addicted to alcohol, drugs, or gambling, or who are simply irresponsible about money. 

Getting guidance and advice from a professional estate planning attorney as soon as such problems surface can make an enormous difference in terms of preserving your child’s health and well-being. 

Our skilled lawyers can help you to create a trust to help your special needs child receive supplemental funds from you while remaining eligible to collect government benefits such as Medicaid through a special needs trust. We can also create a spendthrift trust to keep your troubled child from running through an inheritance far too quickly.

You or Your Child Get Engaged

Getting engaged is a firm commitment to share your life with another. Depending on your familial financial status, the impending marriage may mean considering whether you or your child will need a prenuptial agreement to protect family assets in case of divorce. For many people, this is just a practical matter since half of all marriages end in divorce. 

If the engagement will result in a second marriage, there may be other matters to be considered. You or your child may intend to adopt one or more young children from your fiance’s previous marriage or at least include them in your list of beneficiaries. In any event, there will be questions about distribution of assets best discussed with a well-respected estate planning attorney before the big day.

Other Major Changes in Your Life

If you are moving, starting or purchasing a business, about to become a parent or grandparent, buying property, or coming into an inheritance, it is time to find an experienced estate planning attorney in order to create a new inclusive plan for the future or to make the necessary changes to one already created to reflect your altered landscape.

Death in the Family

This is probably the most common reason people get in touch with an estate planning attorney. If you are the personal representative with questions about how best to proceed in administering an estate, our experienced estate planning lawyers will help you deal with whatever is necessary, including:

  • Probate court
  • Opening an estate bank account
  • Gathering and valuing estate assets and debts
  • Coping with the situation in which a loved one died without a will (intestate)
  • Paying creditors and owed taxes
  • Selling property that must be sold
  • Filing an estate tax return
  • Distributing assets according to the deceased’s wishes

Diagnosis of an Incapacitating or Terminal Illness

If you are experiencing the shock and dismay that follow a negative diagnosis, whether, of a chronic, deteriorating, or terminal illness, it is essential to make an appointment with one of our compassionate, effective attorneys. 

It will be important to make sure not only that your will and any trusts you need are drafted and executed, but also that foundational documents (e.g. durable power of attorney, living will, health care proxy) are prepared in case you become unable to take care of your own affairs.

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