Bayada Article: Preventing Caregiver Stress Around the Holidays

The holidays are known for being a special time for family get-togethers to reconnect with loved ones and old friends. Many family caregivers, however, struggle between the lofty notion of bygone holidays recreated and the current reality of whether this is really in the best interest of their aging parent(s) – or frankly, themselves!

Multi-generational holiday celebrations are what make memories so special, but the mixed emotions of being thankful that your aging parent will be sharing the holidays with you, coupled with the anticipated challenges that family caregivers can feel around the holiday, may easily exacerbate holiday stress levels. Early identification of the signs of stress and proactively finding ways to prevent it from overwhelming you are the best ways to help ensure that everyone has a fun and festive holiday season.

Recognizing the signs and triggers can help you to put a plan in place to alleviate—and hopefully, avoid—unnecessary stress and potential burnout.

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