The Future of Caregiving – Things to Consider

Written by Barbara Cannon, LSW, CMC, owner of Answers for Elders

As we continue to watch the population of boomers explode over the next 10 years we are already observing the crunch of seniors finding professional as well as personal caregivers to help them through the senior years.

There are fewer primary care physicians either due to them retiring, leaving their practices due to over regulation and finding it harder to provide quality one-on-one care for their patients and there are less and less medical students choosing family or primary care as their career choice.

There are fewer adult children as many of the boomers had one, two or no children and many of those children are not centrally located for caregiving or just have such busy lives themselves are unable to provide the level of care their parents need.  We are also finding in rural or even wealthy communities that home health aides and home care agencies are unable to provide caregivers as the caregivers can not afford to live in these areas or there is no transportation services for them to access in order to get to their clients.

As we move forward in doing our best to find and provide resources to seniors here in Massachusetts, organizations like Answers for Elders, LLC., your local aging life care experts have many resources and creative strategies for assisting families in getting the support they need to assist their loved ones with everything senior.

Aging life experts like those at Answers for Elders are licensed social workers, nurses, care managers, paramedics, lead medics, with many years of experience working with seniors and their families to navigate the senior years. We perform a fully comprehensive evaluation of the senior’s life circumstances to determine where they are in the trajectory of their life, what their goals and needs are so that we are able to make positive, fiscally responsible, medically and socially sensible recommendations as to what the next steps, and actions should be in the seniors life so that they are able to live the best quality life possible during the senior years.

We assist with everything from teaching all there is to know about Advanced directives i.e., Heath care Proxies, the MOLST forms (Massachusetts Order for Life Sustaining Treatment), avoiding probate, guardianship and conservatorship.  We mediate for families needing further, understanding of the seniors’ wishes and being able to honor them. Crisis intervention for the family that is experiencing status changes in their loved ones medical or cognitive condition, i.e. new life limiting illness diagnosis, new diagnosis of dementia/Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases that will change the direction of the senior’s lives.

We are experts in Medicare, Medicaid/MassHealth planning understanding your financial outlook for the senior years and how to best conserve your assets.  Finding all the resources you are eligible for or entitled to. Finding you the right elder law or estate planning lawyers. Helping you to understand how to choose the right skilled nursing/long-term care facility, assisted living, Independent living, continuing care retirement community, HUD senior housing and the difference between all of them.  When to introduce hospice or palliative care to your loved one. How to have those conversations. Negotiating with home care agencies to get you the best price possible for the senior’s home care needs.

We are the eyes, ears and advocates for those entering the crowning senior years. And as the senior population grows and you observe your senior’s needs changing, call Answers for Elders for a free initial phone consultation.  We will guide you and your loved ones to security. n

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