Jeanne Fuller-Jones Article: What is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist?

“Four walls and a roof over your head isn’t the only way we define the word ‘home’. Home is more than just shelter, it’s where we love, it’s where we feel, it’s where we can be ourselves and it’s where life happens” –unknown

For so many people, it’s hard to put into words the difficulty of leaving the home where they spent most of their life, where they raised their family or where they were raised themselves, where they kissed countless scraped knees and wiped endless amounts of tears. They could be leaving the four walls where their loved ones who’ve since passed had lived and where their scent still resides, where they sent their children off to kindergarten and saw them all the way through to high school graduation. They have said goodbye to loving pets between those four walls, read countless bedtime stories, celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, holiday traditions… shared belly laughter so hard their faces hurt, gotten news that made time stand still, welcomed the joys of grandchildren…. thunderstorms and candle light, board games, neighbors running in and out, friends, family dinners, snowed in with hot chocolate and holiday movies…college acceptance letters, engagements, the best kinds of love lives within the four walls of home.

When it comes time to say goodbye to that house and start life somewhere new, it’s no small feat. It’s so important to find a realtor who truly understands it all, who’s lived a whole-hearted life between their own four walls and who’s been a care-giver, who has not only the experience but the empathy and compassion to hold your hand through your home selling and buying process.

You need a Seniors Real Estate Specialist – someone who understands the stress and emotion that goes into selling your life-long home.  Someone whose main focus is to ease that stress by handling the details efficiently.

Not all agents have experience in the elder services community – living and learning the ins and outs of issues involved with an array of senior living options. They may not necessarily have the team of professionals who can guide sellers and buyers through the intricacies of every little detail.  Situations are different for sellers and buyers in their 20’s or 30’s as opposed to when they are in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond.   An experienced Senior Real Estate Specialist knows the difference, knows the options, and can guide you to the best option for YOU. 

Jeanne Fuller-Jones is your Seniors Real Estate Specialist.  She has the education, knowledge and experience to set her apart from the rest.  Specialized training through the National Association of Realtors, a Certificate in Gerontology, and  twenty years in Elderly Housing, including Assisted Living provide the technical expertise you need.  She’s held the hands of many families, guiding them step by step from getting their home prepared for the market all the way through to finding the right next home or senior living space.  

Supporting people through this huge life transition is Jeanne’s passion– helping them to be as comfortable as possible along their journey, wherever that takes them. Jeanne has been fortunate to have many wonderful people around her who have shown her the importance of caring for one another; she wants to pass that on.

You can contact Jeanne at:

Jeanne Fuller-Jones, Keller Williams Realty, 574 Washington Street, Easton, MA 02375

By Phone:  774 240-8928