At Surprenant & Beneski, PC, Family is Their Business

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Daniel Surprenant and his sister, Michelle Beneski, never imagined their separate paths in law would eventually lead to them working together in the family business. Fate, however, had other plans. Following a winding road into other areas of law practice, the siblings found themselves practicing together as lead partners and certified elder law attorneys* at their firm Surprenant & Beneski, PC.

Following law school, Beneski spent another year getting her masters in tax law and, from there, worked as a tax attorney for a nonprofit and a couple of public accounting firms, doing state and local tax law.

“I got a little burned out, so I joined my dad at his firm just as my grandmother was getting sick,” she said. “My father wanted to change his firm to an elder law and estate planning firm, and the skills that I have with the tax background and the accounting background molded well because it’s very transactional and it relies on codes, and a lot of elder law relies on codes as well…”

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