Grandmother and grandfather holding their grandson.

The Benefit of Whole Family Estate Planning

Sometimes, the term “estate planning” can bring up ideas of cold, hard numbers. The idea of estate planning might seem like something reserved for people with large estates, or significant financial resources. In reality, estate planning is an important task for all Massachusetts residents. People of all income levels and all family structures benefit from creating an estate plan. 

What Is Whole Family Estate Planning?

Whole family estate planning means that we take the time to learn about our clients’ whole lives when creating estate plans for them. At Surprenant & Beneski, PC, we don’t just focus on the numbers when we work with clients. Instead, our clients benefit from the care that we offer their whole family. When we work with a new client, we take the time to carefully listen to their needs as a family. 

We consider the family dynamics of our clients, including their minor children and young adult children. When our clients are caring for their aging parents, we consider how to help them make sure their estate plan includes that relationship. Every family is different, and we represent families throughout varying stages of their lives. 

We Offer Our Clients Free Estate Check-Ups

In many cases, we represent generations of clients from a family. For example, we offer free state checkups for our clients. Every time we complete an estate plan, we offer a no-charge three-year review. In other words, three years after we create the estate plan, we will check in with our clients for free to ensure that their estate plan reflects any of the life changes that have happened in the last three years. 

During that three-year period, the minor children of our clients might have become young adults. We often help young adults become clients, providing them with their basic estate planning documents. Many of our clients comment on how much they appreciate the feeling that our law firm works as a team. When our clients come to one of our three Southeastern Massachusetts locations, they often feel like they are part of a family, not that they are entering an impersonal law firm. 

No Matter Your Family Dynamic, We Are Here to Help

At Surprenant & Beneski, PC, we have successfully represented families throughout Southeastern Massachusetts within a wide variety of issues, to include:

  • Two-parent families and single parents desiring to provide for their families
  • Unmarried parents who are dissolving their relationship and need estate planning help
  • Unmarried parents who would like to estate plan together
  • Blended families that are negotiating estate planning with multiple co-parents
  • LGBTQA families and individuals who want to protect their children long-term
  • High net worth individuals who require sophisticated asset protection strategies
  • Single individuals who want to make sure they will be protected upon potential incapacity
  • Individuals who will become divorced who need to protect their estate and retirement
  • Estate executors and beneficiaries who are navigating probate administration 
  • Family members administering a trust for the legacy of their family members
  • Business owners seeking to protect their interests for the next generation

Our Estate Planning Law Firm Acts as a Team to Serve Clients Well

When we meet with new clients, we look at the whole family picture. We enjoy learning about our clients as individuals. We will find out about their goals, interests, and hopes for the future and create an estate plan tailored individually for them. We place a high amount of importance on communicating with our clients and ensuring their needs are met throughout the process.

In many cases, we will help parents create estate plans, and then help their children when they become adults. In other cases, we help elders with their estate plan as well as their adult children who are engaged in caretaking. If you are interested in creating an estate plan or updating your estate plan, contact Surprenant & Beneski, PC today to schedule your initial consultation.