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Why Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

If you’re wondering why you need an accomplished estate planning attorney, you might find it helpful to ask yourself why you need any type of professional. Even avid do-it-yourselfers in Southeastern Massachusetts have areas in which they do not feel comfortable taking the reins. Why do you use an electrician? an obstetrician? a carpenter? a dry cleaner? There are a number of good reasons to use those with special training, credentials, skills, and experience for necessary tasks, among them:

  • Because they meet legal requirements for licensing 
  • Because they understand how to protect you, your property, and your family
  • Because they know what to do if the situation become difficult or troublesome
  • Because they have in-depth comprehensive knowledge of their speciality
  • Because they will do the heavy lifting 

At Surprenant & Beneski, P.C., our estate planning attorneys have been in practice for many years and helped a great many clients successfully plan their estates. Our clients are not only satisfied but grateful for the sense of security we have helped them obtain. They know we have played a critical role in making sure they are well-prepared for the future, whatever it brings.

No One Is an Expert at Everything

If you are considering filling out documents you get on your computer instead of consulting with our accomplished team of estate planning attorneys, consider this: How easy have you found it to use directions found on the internet to:

  • Fix an appliance? 
  • Put together a complicated piece of equipment? 
  • Treat a medical ailment? 
  • Train your dog not to steal socks? 
  • Permanently rid your home of ants? 
  • Make a flaky pie crust?

Though it is possible that written directions assisted you with one of the above, it is highly unlikely that you have been able to DIY through all of these problems without calling in specialists.

Services an Adept Estate Planning Attorney Will Provide

A knowledgeable estate planning lawyer will help you to complete the following essential tasks effectively and efficiently:

  • Create a will to designate your beneficiaries, name your personal representative (executor), select a trustworthy guardian for your minor children
  • Make sure your have a durable power of attorney and health care proxy so financial and medical decisions will be made for you if you become incapacitated
  • Find ways to reduce and avoid tax your tax burdens
  • Find ways to avoid the costly, protracted process of probate (in high-net-worth estates)
  • Establish trusts to protect your assets from excessive taxation, creditors, & expensive lawsuits, & prevent special needs beneficiaries from losing their government benefits
  • Make sure you have designated an alternate guardian, trustee, and personal representative so that your estate plan can move forward if your first choices are unable or unwilling to assume their respective roles
  • Document your end-of-life preferences regarding healthcare and funeral arrangements
  • Create an estate plan to prevent family squabbles after your death and to avoid a contested will

Although you may not require all of these services, as your estate planning attorneys we will be there to discuss the benefits of each. Our extensive training and experience have honed our skills and good judgment so that we can provide you with excellent counsel.

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