MarketWatch Article: How to talk about estate planning with your family this holiday season without starting a fight

By: Nora Garvey

Taking the emotions out of death and finances

As families gather for the holidays, talking about long-term financial security and trusts may not be top of mind. Death and finances are often two of the most uncomfortable topics for families to talk about. Yet not talking about them can lead to severe and sometimes devastating consequences.

Planning before either death or disability is the best gift you can give your family.

Family members may be embarrassed to broach the topic of money, but also may not understand basic financial strategies, such as establishing trusts. There is a common misconception that trusts are only for wealthy families or for protection from taxes. While taxes are an important factor, most families appreciate the ability to protect their loved ones from predators and creditors over the long term. Regardless of your family’s net worth, a trust will enable you to better protect your family and assets…

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