Covid-19 Webinar with Attorneys Dan Surprenant and Erin Nunes

Attorneys Dan Surprenant & Erin Nunes will share some of the most important aspects of Estate Planning during a crisis. In uncertain times like this, we need to plan for what can happen to our vulnerable seniors and young children who should be considered in the event of a crisis. Dan and Erin will talk about what should be prepared in order to protect them. They will also share why it is important that everyone over the age of 18 has the basic documents to facilitate health care decision making and protect their interests in the case of incapacity. In addition, they will cover how to protect your assets.

Whether you are a first responder encountering greater risk than usual, parents of a young family, a caregiver to an aging loved one or concerned that you have procrastinated on this important subject for far too long, join us for this informative session. Click here to listen to this webinar!