Maplewood Senior Living: Science & Art of Changing Your Brain


THURSDAYS | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

APRIL 9th:  Neuromyths & Neuroplasticity: Navigating the Brain, Mind, and Health Connection

APRIL 16th:  Neurodiversity, Memory & Risk/Protective Factors Related to Brain Function

APRIL 23rd:  Attention, Cognitive Load & Consolidation: Increasing Memory Through Attention, Practice & Sleep

APRIL 30th: Mindfulness & Cognitive Flexibility: Transforming Your Mind, Brain & Life

This online series will be presented live by Dr. Kristen Betts.

You are invited to a 4-week series to discuss current and emerging research about the brain, mind, and memory. We will share research on neuroplasticity that shows how the brain physically changes over a lifetime through experience, learning, injury, and disease. Each week will focus on key topics related to brain function and health. You will learn how to identify protective factors and control risk factors to preserve cognitive abilities. We will also cover important research on the connection between memory and metacognition, stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and community. Throughout the four weeks, you will engage in individual/group activities, test your knowledge on prevalent neuromyths, and learn strategies you can immediately apply to support cognitive flexibility, mindfulness, and a healthy brain.

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Dr. Kristen Betts

Dr. Kristen Betts is a Clinical Professor in the School of Education at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on education, neuropedagogy, lifelong learning, and Mind, Brain, and Education science.